The true meaning of value creation is to share it.

We focus on the development of people in the search for a fairer and more harmonious world.

75% of our indirect workforce was formed from the factory. This is a perfect recipe to train technical professionals at the level that our processes require to serve our Customers well.

The program for minor apprentices and interns has also been an important source of recruiting labor. We have created the ideal conditions within the company for them to develop and be hired.

We have integrity as a non-negotiable value.
We declare ourselves against any and all types of prejudice and discrimination.

Leaving a sustainable world for future generations is a real metric at USITIM.

We work with a focus on reducing the impacts generated by our activities on the environment. An environmental management plan meets legal requirements and seeks to reduce the consumption of energy, water, oils and other materials. The plan also defines training for our people, aiming at the development of processes that reduce environmental impacts and guarantee an efficient control over the emission of residues.

During the construction of the plant, the earthworks moved 40,000 m³. We were careful to take advantage of all the land, with the goal of zero loss for the stream that passes through the land. Erosion was only 3 m³ approximately. This expressive result was obtained with the planting of grass, installation of gutters to collect water on the slopes, hydroseeding for the green roof, stairs for descending rainwater from the slopes and installation of rainwater drainage next to the earthworks.

We have systems for treating sanitary sewage, using rainwater and treating contaminated water. The lighting makes the most of natural light and is supported by LED lamps.

Um palco para o desenvolvimento de pessoas e negócios.