Excellence is a journey that all USITIM people take

We believe that everything can be improved. And when the improvement is installed, we can again optimize it.
This work philosophy counts on the positive receptivity of our customers and is supported by a state-of-the-art physical and digital structure, continuously optimized.

We are installed in our own headquarters (4,200 m²), in Timbó (Santa Catarina), and we are planning an expansion step. The floor plan was designed to create a motivating, open work environment with natural lighting and flexibility in layout adaptation.

The excellence we practice on a daily basis is a reflection of the installed technical mastery combined with the impetus of continuous improvement in all stages of the manufacturing process.
This generates extraordinary competitiveness, offering our customers exclusive benefits, combining safe delivery with quality, guaranteed deadlines and fair values.

Um palco para o desenvolvimento de pessoas e negócios.